31 10 2009

Hey there, its me Horselover1089, the most hated one on this website! Today is Halloween. If you are against animal testing, get rid of all your Mars candy. They test on animals! For me, I am not sure what to do with my Mars candy. I might get rid of it or i might keep it because last year 3-4 of my candy was Mars. I am gonna talk my mom into driving me into another city when our trick or treating hours are up šŸ™‚




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3 11 2009
Michaela Carroll

What are “Mars Bars”?

14 01 2010
6 04 2010

HEY!! remember me? haha, its lexi… havent talked to you in about 2 or 3 years…. crazy huh? i dont really go on webkinz anymore because im 17 years old now with a boyfriend and job. so thats always cool. well i just wanted to drop by and say hi because i just saw this website in my website history from about 2-3 years ago. i hope all you guys are doing well!!!!!!

6 04 2010

okay, now you should remember me :p its been like 2 years….

8 04 2010
Michaela Carroll

hi folks! I’m now 10 years old! I’m so bored right now so I’ll tell you a little about myself:
Favorite Animal:Panthers! (GO PANTHERS!)
Favorite Food:Macoroni and Cheese! YUMMY!
Best friends in the world:Jada T, Kyrsten Y, Alasia A, and more!
Favorite hobby:Webkinz(of course!!!!!)
So there is a little about myself, peace out!
-Michaela G. Carroll

14 04 2010
Michaela Carroll

OMG! Check out webkinz world, they have a new room theme, the preview said it will “Rock” I thought it was another pop star theme, (NOT AGAIN!) But it is actually a PREHISTORIC theme! It like so ROCKS! Corny joke! So check it out! It can go indoors or out!

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