Hey guys! ;->

1 02 2009

LOLZ like that smiley? Anyway, my dad is trying to get a new puppy!!!!!!!!!! If hes up for sale hell get it!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s black with white fur. Anyone know any REALLY good names for him? Hes so cute that they NEED to be perfect. I was thinking of Lucky or Dream. Cuz thats what he is. I was always wanting a 3rd puppy.




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2 02 2009

Hey, congrats i just got a new pup, lolz! But maybe Bisquit, or Rocky! Hope u get him, bye.

2 02 2009

Sam: I might do Rocky, thanks SOOOOO much!

3 02 2009

Sorry I haven’t responded in awhile. I had the fever and I still do. I don’t know if I’m too late to suggest a name, but you could name him Oreo, Bandit, Blanco, CottonBall, Paws, Candy, Casper, Cody, Bailey, Buddy, Butch, or A.J. *Takes deep breath* Congrats on finding a puppy that you like and I hope that you get it!

3 02 2009

Thanks LOLZ

3 02 2009


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