Happy MLK Jr Day!

19 01 2009

So everyday in America has the day off…not so sure about Canada can someone help me on this? Also, Obama gets inaugurated tomorrow and my social studies teacher says we have to watch it so that should be well, boring to tell the truth. Sure it’s history- the first Black president,but getting sworn in to be president is a seriously boring event. I hope everybody’s day off is going okay and for our friends in other countries I hope your school day is going well.

So what’s going on with everybody?




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19 01 2009

we have to watch it too. I hate my teacher. she’s strange + thinks we care about the stuff she teaches us

19 01 2009

I don’t think it’s TO boring. It’ll be kinda intresting.

19 01 2009

Ha! I don’t have to watch it because my teacher doesn’t like Obama. The whole class doesn’t like him either, so in that case, we don’t have to watch it. Plus, it’s hard to haul a t.v into our little classroom. And hey, if anyone wants to trade Winterfest items with me, that would be awesome. Just add me on Webkinz (my username is ganzrules11), and Kinzpost me your items. When I recieve the items, I will give you THREE exclusive items in return! Thank you.

19 01 2009

my teacher loves obama and so do most of the kids in my class and we have tvs built in every room

19 01 2009

I so happy because on my blog, lots of people from gymbo’s blog came over for my comment contest yesterday!! and today is MLK jr day and tomorrow is Obama moving in the white house and everything!!!

20 01 2009

Ya we are watching it tomarrow too! Since we had a snow day we had to make it up today so we went to school.

20 01 2009


20 01 2009

Oh man llj11, I feel sorry that you had to make the day up! All the other years before this year, I always had to go to school on MLK day! OH YEAH, AND TODAY IS MY HALF BIRTHDAY!!! It is the 19th.

20 01 2009

I go to school everday even if it was a tornodao

20 01 2009

I’d prefer McCain.

21 01 2009

I was sick yesterday so I missed it.

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