6 01 2009
At Paw Level Display Screen

<!–Release Date: Oct. 14, 2008–>found this item on kinzville site. to see pic go to http://www.kinzvillenewz.com/wp-mu/pet-item-description/?gID=6&iID=3041&dname=At+Paw+Level+Display+Screen&dvalue=2000&dview=Special&ddesc=&dTheme=&dSearch=&dPageNo=&dgroup=All

any1 ever seen it be4?   -wolfsong




5 responses

6 01 2009

I have not maybe it has something to do with that webkinz jr for 4-7 year olds

6 01 2009

Hm I’ve never heard of Webkinz Jr. before… I’ve also never seen that screen before, but I think I know how to get it. If you get a pack of Webkinz trading cards and unlock the code for your virtual cards, it is possible that you might get a virtual At Paw Level card. Since that level of trading cards is hard to unlock because it’s rare, it might come with that screen. Or, the you could possibly get the screen by unlocking the prize code when getting a pack of Webkinz trading cards. I’m just guessing about that. ❓

6 01 2009

I’ve never heard of it….

6 01 2009

no that is a prize for tc2 i think

7 01 2009

o ok i dont no I just guessed

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