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3 12 2008

Okay complete credit to webkinz insider. I would have never wrote all of this! Bold is what I say!

The unscheduled morning maintenance on Tuesday brought some big changes to Webkinz World.  As you can see by this picture of Fluffy in her yard, snow has arrived!  Each Winter the outside yards in Webkinz World are covered with a thick blanket of snow, and then in the Spring the snow melts away.  For those of you with crops to harvest, don’t worry, the snow will not affect their growing cycle.

A brand new gift has been added to the Pet of the Month line up:  the Crystal Sea Glass Flooring. Those of you who play the Treasures of the Crystal Sea game on the Vacation Island will recognize the graphics, including the animated underwater creatures that swim by.  The Polar Bear is the POTM for December, but we have been receiving widespread reports of members adopting the Polar Bear and getting empty POTM loot bags.  Advice from many Customer Service Representatives at Ganz is to NOT adopt your POTM on the first of the month.  Members adopting later in the month seem to have fewer problems with their Loot Bags.

And, last but not least, more of the Winter Holiday theme has been added to the wShop.  In addition to the Christmas trees, Holiday Clothing, and the Menorahs from last year that were added to the wShop last week, we have many new items to decorate with.  You can now purchase the Christmas Treats Coffee Table, Holiday Warmth Candle Lamp, Merry Magic Sleigh Bed, Santakinz’ Side Table, Santakinz’ Sofa, Santakinz’ Workshop Flooring, Santakinz’ Workshop Walls, and Steps to Santakinz Room Divider.  The Grand Christmas Tree that was promised in the Webkinz News article still has not arrived.  The Holiday theme preview in the wShop also shows several items that are not yet for sale.  The Santakinz’ Workshop Walls do not work in Underwater rooms.  The system will allow you to put the walls into the room, but they end up looking like plain blue paint.  Hopefully the programmers at Ganz will fix this glitch soon.

Wow thats alot! Ok heres pics!  Again, not from me!

Anyway I got a half day from school so I’ll be here all day! lol!

And finally, they added the new E-store pet… The Minty Reindeer!
Here it is:

Thanks to Gymbo for that part! It’s an awesome blog!

Ganz has given us a preview of one of the January Webkinz pets. This cute webkinz will be released in January. Meet the Key lime Dino, comes with the Ancient Egg Fridge and the cretaceous crustacean Soup.
 From Webkinzkid and Gymbo from kinzvillenews texasgirl11 🙂
Anyway Enter one of my contests please! Please!!!!!
– Wolfsong







4 responses

3 12 2008

Hey anyone here???????????????????????????????????????????????????

3 12 2008

hi do you remember me sorry i have not been on lately but i am here now

4 12 2008

sorry i don’t think I know you

4 12 2008

Hey, I remember you, soccerguy111! You might not remember me because my username used to be Webkinz. 🙂

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