New Aztec Theme!

19 09 2008

There’s a new theme in the curio shop which seems to be more expensive then ever. The bed cost about 17,000 kc!!! But anyone notice a mistake in these items??? I’ll tell you at the end of the post

Aztec Artisan’s Toy Box 6500
Aztec Calendar 7200
Aztec Fire Pit 11500
Azure Aztec Fridge 7935
Chiseled Stone Sofa 8435
Dresser of the Lost City 7290
Golden Sun Stove 6700
Machu Picchu Pedestal 2370
Mystic Eye Lamp 3100

Precious Stone Side Table 3190
Quetzalcoatl’s Chamber Bed 16700
Terra Cotta Chair 2900
Terra Cotta Coffee Table 4000
Turquoise Dining Chair 3700
Turquoise Dining Table 9100
Tribal Totem 7600
Stone Circle Flooring 1200
Stone Temple Walls 1200

Well as I said here’s the mistake: Notice the Machu Picchu pedestal??? This is Machu Picchu-

It’s located in Peru and was made by the INCAS!!! NOT THE AZTECS!!!




16 responses

19 09 2008
random person in nj

Good find, I didn’t even notice that! Silly Ganz… lol

23 09 2008

PLZ send me fall items, im in need, cause i’ve only gotten 3 leaves, so send to greenoliver, THANKS!!!

28 09 2008

Hi! Hey, I saw the Aztec Fridge today! It’s still in the Curio Shop until 10am! Hurry and buy it up!

30 09 2008

why don’t you just talk about webkinz? isn’t it a WEBKINZ blog??!?!?!?!!!!

1 10 2008

Um we ARE just talking about Webkinz. Can’t you tell?

3 10 2008

Wow, nice looking! I didn’t even notice that at all. Ganz…they really need to open a textbook every now and then. Anyway, the Aztec theme is awesome! Though too expensive for me to buy…oh well. Thanks for showing me that!

3 10 2008

Oh, by the way, that woman for the pic is not me. I don’t know how it got there.

4 10 2008
random person in nj

That’s funny about the pic, Hisklmuzical. It’s strange that you don’t know how it got there. LOL.

4 10 2008

Yeah, its really weird. I don’t even know that woman…

7 10 2008

Hi I have the almost priceless FANCY CHOCOLATE HEART!!! It’s from valentine day 07!!

14 10 2008

I love your blog – we should do a link exchange!

18 10 2008

that is very wierd!!

25 10 2008

aztec theme is pretty cool. thanks for the pics

25 10 2008
27 10 2008
random person in nj

Texasgirl, where r u? I’m not trying to be rude, but you haven’t posted in a while. 🙂

27 10 2008
Mostly Ghostly

i know

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