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19 09 2008

A lot of people have received wading pools in their dock. I hope they don’t disappear anytime soon because I was one of the ones who got one 🙂

Also new t-shirts for YOU THE OWNER will be released. Yes they will come with a feature code so it’s all good!

Also new pet carriers- cupcake, heart and crown of wonder (or something like that lol)




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19 09 2008
random person in nj

I don’t think I’ll get a shirt because I would be too embarrassed to wear it lol. But if the feature code is good and they aren’t too expensive, maybe I’ll get one for pajamas.

21 09 2008

Geez, I didn’t get a Wading Pool. It looks fun, but that’s ok because I have the Oak Panneled Pool! Those shirts look ok but they better ot have any monkies on them. Blah. Cool!

22 09 2008

lol me too rp
like none of my friends are really as obsessed as i am like some have 1 or 2 but that’s really it…i think i’ll do what u said and just wear it as pajamas…depending on what the feature code gives me of course

22 09 2008

Hay i luv Webkinz
I have like 6
see ya

22 09 2008
random person in nj

Yeah, I don’t think this is Ganz’s best idea lol. But I guess a lot of little kids would like it. I wonder if they are even going to make bigger sizes…

23 09 2008
R.L. Stines #1 fan

HEY!!!!!!!!! I really like the clothing!!!!!!!

24 09 2008

Hey texasgirl11? Can I ask you something?

28 09 2008

yeah go right ahead racecar!

29 09 2008

Hi! I’d like to know if you’d be my buddy on Webkinz. I know your username from the About page, but mine is ganzrules11. If you don’t mind, I will send you a buddy request soon. See ya!

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