And MORE news…

19 09 2008

I have to go soon but I wanted to post this because I’m not sure when I’ll be getting on a computer next…

Token Balloon Dartz tomorrow!

New estore items to be released-

And what everybody has probably been looking forward to seeing, the October PSIs!!!


Clown Fish

Lil Hummingbird

Pink and White Dog


Meanwhile the fall festival has been going on. For the first day or so (especially on Asian accounts) there were a ton of leaves flying around but they seemed to have slowed down a lot! Some people are spending an hour or so idling on their accounts and not getting 1 leaf! So good luck guys!

Here are the prizes for this year. Last year’s sweater and the corn husk doll have been taken out.

There’s some new clothing in the w-shop as well!

Also to clarify something, a lot of people have recently been getting blue screens when trying to access the clubhouse but now you’ll be taken to the clubhouse there just won’t be any kinz chat plus

A lot of people have stopped visiting my site so I really appreciated you guys that are still here. I will have a contest to show my thanks whenever I get computer access at home. Thanks again!

Thank you Gymbo for all the pictures on these past posts…




3 responses

20 09 2008

awesome, thanks for all the pics

29 09 2008

ITS SOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 11 2008

how do you post pictures on wordpress? i dont understand how i have a wordpress website but i don’t use it because i don’t know how to! 😦 email me at

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