Hurricane Ike

12 09 2008

I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating but there’s a hurricane that’s gonna touch down today or tomorrow and we’re all pretty stressed. It might also have tornadoes and a tsunami with it. So we’re all worried and trying to get prepared. We’ve decided not to evacuate because the hurricane part shouldn’t be too bad but the rest might be hard. So I just want to apologize that I haven’t updated lately because of this hurricane…




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12 09 2008
R.L. Stines #1 fan

It is fine. And tornados are VERY popular down in *my city* so when we here the alarms, we just trot down to the basement.

12 09 2008

yeah i can imagine but because we’re pretty much below sea level here we have no basement to trot down to lol 🙂

13 09 2008
R.L. Stines #1 fan


13 09 2008
R.L. Stines #1 fan

Is anyone here???

13 09 2008

ya i am !

14 09 2008

me too am here!… we have a bunch of storms from hurricane ike and its going to happen untill next week! so am kinda bumed out! : (

14 09 2008

oh thats really bad. and plus were I live there are storms from hurricane ike! who knows what is going to happen next!

14 09 2008

thats scary! Hurricane Hannah hit my town, but it wasnt very bad.

15 09 2008

don’t forget i am here!!

29 09 2008

in webkinz??????????????????

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