22 08 2008

Ok I’m sorry guys but from now on there’s no more advertising allowed. I really am sorry but my site has suffered a lot and I think it might be from all the ads yall are putting. Some of the only comments I get these days are links to other sites and it’s sort of getting to me. So from now on no advertising ok?




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22 08 2008
R.L. Stines #1 Fan

I know you said no more advertizing, but I think that you might wanna go to kittycream’s site this thursday for a KC fun day, tex!

22 08 2008

ok that DOES count as advertising but i’ll let one slide just one that’s it the rest i’m deleting

22 08 2008

hi tg!! 🙂 i didnt know you had a site!

22 08 2008
R.L. Stines #1 Fan

OK, Tex. Sorry.

23 08 2008


23 08 2008

lol billy yeah i’ve had it for a while like over a year now 🙂

23 08 2008

sorry i wont advertise anymore. at least ill try not to. but if i do please remind me. thank you

24 08 2008

HEY TG!!! I finally found your site!!! yay!

24 08 2008

Ok thats fine cause i never advertise!

24 08 2008

okay texasgirl that’s fine. texasgirl will you be a sponser of my blog? if you want to my email is

28 08 2008

ok thats ok but i dont know how to avertide like monkey said

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