New Theme/Catalog Updates

6 08 2008

A new theme has been introduced to webkinz world. The special thing about it is you can only put it in underwater rooms. Remember you get an underwater room when you adopt a fish or manatee.

Also the collie and beagle have been added to the retired section of the catalog.

The Easter Pets coming out this year have been known to be the duck and cotton candy bunny (which is seriously cute 🙂 ) But now Ganz has added the rumored lamb to the list. But there is going to be a lil kinz and a big kinz which is different for seasonal pets. Also the rumored release date is in September so how can they be easter seasonals? Oh well i guess we will see




6 responses

7 08 2008
random person in nj

Well, the reindeer came out months in advance too, right? I hope the cotton candy bunny comes out in September! The sooner the better!!!

7 08 2008

I guess that’s true but really the easter pets haven’t ever come out that early before. September is like when the bat comes out…

15 08 2008

Please credit the site you took these images from.

15 08 2008

ok i got them from wi and gymbo’s blog

14 11 2009
Michaela Carroll

OMG that duck is CCCCHHHUUUUBBBBYYYY!!!!!!!!!

14 11 2009
Michaela Carroll

I’m sad:'(

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