New Figurines and Clothing!!!

24 06 2008

There’s a new set of figurines coming out!!!

Also new clothing


got the pics from Gymbo’s Blog (an amazing blog)




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24 06 2008

1st comment:

Awesome! I may get a couple figurines instead of Kinzstyle clothes.

24 06 2008

Cool! 8)

24 06 2008

Thats cool and all,but try this instead!

24 06 2008


24 06 2008

I think that school is out 4 my school is cool! 8)

25 06 2008

Hi! Well going 2 people’s blogs is kinda becoming a habit 4 me.
So I have 2 leave this blog. I’m really srry! But I don’t want this going on other blogs to ruin my summer vacation! I’m not saying it’s bad. But I just wanna stop it, because I’m going 2 be really busy over the summer. Again, I’m srry. I hope that your website gets more hits and more people come 2 visit it! God Bless u! 😀 🙂 : 😉 8) 😆 Your website has been very helpful 2 me! Good-bye!

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