Meet Jordan!

11 06 2008

Ok it’s very sad, because of my mistake with Logan, or logan jr or whatever his new name is, I had to check the My Webkinz page to see if I had a pet named Jordan. I know I was gonna name one of my pets Jordan but decided not to or something, I don’t know. Anyway, my mom and sister were very nice and after weeks of begging they STOPPED AT HALLMARK on their way home!!! Apparently Hallmark has a retired rack (they never did before but that’s like really cool) and had the rhino on it but they didn’t have the black and white cheeky dog which means either running around town pleading with my parents or hours of online shopping finding a good price. I found a pretty good one on amazon but my rents won’t let me order it anyway yet. *Sigh*. Anyway, here’s Jordan

Also, check it out! His best friend is a…TESTCOLOR!!! YAYAYAYYAY! I’ll have to check my (who was it again? I think my) himalayan’s bio to see if ganz fixed it yet




4 responses

11 06 2008

cool 8) and just to let you know, you have a lot of webkinz, and i think you should be aware of it, cuz my BFF has 51 and he doesnt ever get to play with all of his, and like if u have in th 40’s thats a lot of $$ thats is the thousands. Do you pay for your webkinz?

11 06 2008

i pay for some of mine and yeah i know my collection is really building. i try to play with them frequently though

11 06 2008

cool webkinz teaxsgirl

14 06 2008

2day i went 2 a bookstore that sells webkinz and i wasn’t expecting 2 get any but my mom got me 5!!!!!!!!!! *bengal tiger, mouse, cheeky monkey, american coker spaniel, and the turtle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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