Welcome Erin!

8 06 2008

I got a grey arabian in the mail (real mail) today from my best friend. (Yall probably know her as masterartist1) But yeah, I’d like to thank her for the awesome gifts she gave me! And I named the grey arabian Erin.

It was weird though. The gift box was in my dock but it wasn’t showing up. So I dragged the empty space into the room and nothing popped up. I did get the items though (I got an ambulance I’ve really wanted that 🙂 )

Again, thank u so much masterartist1!!!




11 responses

8 06 2008

i am soooooooooooooooooo mad at u !!! u got the grey arabian , i have been looking 4 that 4 4ever !!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. i’m not really mad at u!!!!!!!!

8 06 2008

Thanks so much for putting me on your blogroll. U rock so much I luv your website so much.

8 06 2008

i have tht

8 06 2008

wow cool! 8) aweosmeguy has givin me 3 wekbinz, hes my BFF. he has gcin me the arbiean, black stallion, and schanunzer1 OMg i want the grey arbiean so bad! Its theONLY webkinz horse i need ( cuz im obssed and ♥ my horse) and so i really really really want it!!!!!!!! I really want it along with the Cheeky Monkey ( hope to egt when my grandma comes, and it willl be POTM) rabbit, and grey aribean! SO lucky! Have fun w/ Erin.

8 06 2008

I don’t have the Grey Arabian,but it sure is cute!:D

8 06 2008

Tex! U changed ’round ur site! AWEESOME!

8 06 2008

i dont have it but i think its awesome!!! : )

9 06 2008

nice new idea thing

9 06 2008

i have a contest at my site http://www.cipmaniac9054.wordpress.com

9 06 2008

omg you change the theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have like never changed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ♥ it!

9 06 2008

Does anyone read WARRIORS?

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