Kind of nervous…

7 06 2008

I guess nervous isn’t really the way to put it…but I really CAN wait until the black and white cheeky dog and rhino are announced to retire because then all of the prices on ebay and amazon will go WAY UP. I found a couple of cheap ones on amazon and I might get those if I can talk my dad into it but…

I’m also kinda nervous because a week from tomorrow I’m trying out for an opera. Like a children’s one but actually professional. I just finished a camp today and we had a performance and everything (I messed up a lot but nobody noticed I don’t think) anyway, yeah…so what’s been going on with yall?




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7 06 2008

trying out for Opera? very impressive. I’m sure you’ll do fine, use the week to help you work on mastering your performance 😉

Comment Contest:

7 06 2008

i bet ur G.R.E.A.T! I have not been doing anything but school! : (

7 06 2008

It is 6:45 AM here! I am going to a huge party then to a BBQ at my house then swimming with my friend James.

7 06 2008

Hey! Good luck with your tryouts! I’m pretty sure it will be fine. Remember, keep practcing! I know how you feel. I’m doing pretty good, thank you. I just got the black and white cheeky dog yesterday! Phew! I got the last one in the store! I named him Checkers. I’m so glad that school is almost out! See ya, friend!

9 06 2008

i think you will be fine in doing opera i think you will do great but heres a tip:
dont be nervous do the best you can do sing it high and rember the old trick think of the adence wearing nothing but underwear and ( bras ). anyways AM OUT OF SHCOOL YAY AND AM GOING SWIMMING RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 06 2008

Does anyone read WARRIORS?

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