Estore is now open!

3 06 2008

Ok to get to the new estore go to

there you can buy (yes buy with real money) special items for webkinz world like clothing, beds, appliances and sofas. I don’t think I’ll get anything at this point but I get something sometime.




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3 06 2008

wow, no offense to anyone, but that is a really big waste of money.

3 06 2008

I know. It’s insane. Like, who would really want to go on the internet and buy something that you can get on Webkinz. Besides, that stove is expensive! My mom would never let me get that.

3 06 2008

ya i went, and i ♥ the train set thing. but really who pays 7$ 4 that!!! RIP OFF!

4 06 2008

I already am saving up for the train thing, clare! and webkinz, i already have the stove! IT IS NOT A RIPOFF!

4 06 2008

I sometimes think its a ripoff but the things r pretty kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 06 2008

i just registered for the webkinzestore!!!!!!!!!!!!! some of the things are a RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!

4 06 2008

Wow…with real money.. that’s different. I don’t think my mom is gonna give me real money for a Webkinz stove! Check out this other site, kinda like Webkinz…

4 06 2008
Amanda (Doggie)

yeah! a lot of stuff is a RIP OFF I mean why watse REAL money on virtual stuff? that money could be given to child starving in Africa instead of on stuff that isn’t even real!

4 06 2008

did u get any of the stuff yet????

10 06 2008

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