Welcome Ryan! (See above post)

1 06 2008

Ok so yesterday I wanted to get a black and white cheeky dog or rhino because they’re retiring so we went to look around and i couldn’t find one but I did find a tiger snake which i’ve wanted for a long time.

So meet logan!





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1 06 2008
Amanda (Doggie)

whoa! texasgirl ur getting webkinz like crazy!

1 06 2008

wow you luv webkinz as much as me I just got new webkinz cares ones they rock hey here’s my site maybe we can share ideas and info. http://webkinzrumorz.wordpress.com

2 06 2008

im getting to old for webkinz:( so im started to stop even though they are making awsome webkinz

ps. i dont like how much webkinz cost, i remember when webkinz were: 9.99 and lil kinz were: 7.99

2 06 2008

but good luck with your colection

2 06 2008

what did u get with it???

2 06 2008

what r ur fave webkinz?!?!?!?

2 06 2008

u get alot of webkinz! ☺

2 06 2008

Dear Texasgirl11,

Ok- I have a domain!!!

http://www.kressiebolivia.com not the wordpress part! So you need to change your blogrolls!

Want me to work at your blog? When I got the domain, I got rid of the old kressiebolivia.com, no more email that is kressie@kressiebolivia.com. I now have this one:


So add me to that. If I already work at your blog- you HAVE to change it- or I will basicly fire myself- I have no choice! So change it!


3 06 2008

yeah i know it’s getting way too much for me 🙂 i am so addicted

but yeah i didn’t get much just some kc and a jellybean tree which i already have

3 06 2008

Isn’t ur GERMAN SHEPHERDS name Logan??????

5 06 2008

I heard about webkinz a few days ago and wow, they are great!!
Looks like you are a webkinz fan as well

Wonder if it is possible to collect every design of webkinz and lil’kinz. Would be worth a lot

7 06 2008

yeah they do sell the whole collection for like 5,000 dollars on ebay 🙂

7 06 2008

Wow, another Webkinz?! Man, I think I might need to go lie down! I just got the black and white cheeky dog! I named him Checkers. His little smile is so adorable! Well, happy collecting!

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