Webkinz Cares Items!

31 05 2008

Ok the items you can get in the webkinz cares program are shown below:

i persoanlly like the armoire, telivison, and sofa the best but the thing is I don’t usually get lil kinz only the webkinz webkinz so i’d have to start collecting lil kinz as well to get these 😦




12 responses

31 05 2008


31 05 2008

sweet,i think!

1 06 2008

I love the plush toy how did you get it teaxsgirl?

1 06 2008

I really want all those items, but sadly, I don’t have a Walgreens anywhere near me. Umm, do you know what Lil’kinz come with the tag? I really want to know that! Well, see ya ’round

2 06 2008

hey i got a question how do u get the pet of the month loot bag plz answer

2 06 2008

i know u have 2 get the pet of the month!!!!!!!

2 06 2008

well i have it but it has not given it to me

3 06 2008

u have to adopt the pet during the month it is pet of the month. if u have it before that month u do not get the loot bag

3 06 2008

thats so dumb it is completly stincken pointless then webkinz is dumb

4 06 2008

teaxsgirl how do get the webkinz care items please wirite back

from’ betsy686

6 06 2008

Texasgirl, do u have a texasboy

12 06 2008

Thats cool and all..but try this!! Tootsville!!!!

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