New Stuff in WW!

29 05 2008

Ok first of all there’s lots of new items for your yard/garden which is awesome. I think I’m gonna make another yard using some of it.

But there’s also once again new questions at quizzys

The My Pets button the menu has been changed to Me and My pets and there’s a third tab that asks if you want to turn off the ads. But remember if u choose to do so you won’t be able to allow them back for 30 days.

But the biggest news of all- the results are in

In a future newspaper article thing in WW in announces the winner of the poll that asked which theme to retire. Do you wanna know which one won? (lol)

Anyway, the one that will retire is….



So yall be sure to get the entire cat theme before it leaves 🙂




3 responses

30 05 2008

Im glad, the Dog theme is staying bcuz, I like the cat theme, but i dont plan on getting another cats cuz i dont really like any of them ( but i have the Himalayan and black cat.

30 05 2008

I voted that th ecat theme would retire!!!! YAYNESS!

30 05 2008

I konw am going to enter the contest.

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