27 05 2008

I am getting pretty annoyed and stressed out by this game!!! (Imagine that, I can sing fine in front of about 500 people but I’m getting stressed out by a webkinz world game) But man, I’ve gotten pretty far in it but nothing seems to be working for me at all! I keep on getting stuck at dumb parts that I’ve passed a million times before…it’s so annoying

Also, some personal news- Today I saw Indiana Jones. It was pretty good actually but it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be.




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28 05 2008

i know me too!!!!! everytime i play the game i always get stuck at this one part the i always get passed a lot of times and i have finished the game 8 or 9 times and i havent got the trophy ones 😥

28 05 2008

Its fine for me.

28 05 2008

i know i should not be doing this but… this person needs hits and wants people to comment so…… please… i beg my heart, please go to http://tootee97.wordpress.com/

28 05 2008

oh ya, can u add me to your blogroll?



28 05 2008

i added u

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