New Virtual Pics!

27 05 2008

The virtual images of the spotted leopard, rottweiler, crocodile and toucan have been released! Also a lil kinz black and white cheeky dog is coming out!

i think the rottweiler is adorable but the spotted leopard’s really cute too; also check out the new clothing!





6 responses

27 05 2008

i heart ( ♥) the spotted leopard- out of my oppion, its the cutest new one for July and the 2nd cutest out of the new ones ( dragon 1rst!)

27 05 2008

theres no new clothing

27 05 2008

I GOT THE YORKIE TODAY!:) But theres no new clothing and i know you delted my other comment.

27 05 2008

Can I use those pix for my site?

27 05 2008

yeah hannah u can
and cheeky it’s because they haven’t been released yet and no i did not delete your other comment it just needed to be approved by me

27 05 2008

baseball clothing! yay! why cant they just make hockey equipment and jerseys and stuff like that? tht would be awsome!

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