17 05 2008

Ok for one, there’s some mysterious tag sightings that say Webkinz Cares. Apparently it comes with a feature code that gets you an extra gift from the code shop. Then ganz donates some money or something to a charity. That’s my understanding of it at least.

the tags look like this:

Also, 3 more exlcusives have retired (I fortunately have them all) and the trading room is now open except it isn’t in the clubhouse anymore, idk what happened.

Also, new exclusives!

I think the outhouse is a really cute idea and of course I want the vehicles and I love lavas so really the only thing that doesn’t really appeal to me is the moving eyes picture thing…


There’s gonna be a new survey soon that will ask which theme you would like to see retired- the cat or the dog theme and whichever wins will retire. So if I were you, I would stock up on both themes…




3 responses

17 05 2008

hey do u know how to get to the trading room plz help tlepore is my name

17 05 2008

please visit my site my ratings have been really low

Much Appreciated


23 05 2008

That was close i have the blue lava lamp!

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