Meet Miranda!

4 05 2008

Ok so today we went to a hardware store (they actually sell webkinz now) and I got a black poodle! The newest ones they had were the black and white cheeky dog, black poodle and tye dye frog, not the newest ones but at least I didn’t have a lot of the ones they had! So yeah I got the black poodle and decided on Miranda for the name.




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4 05 2008

I got the POTM yesterday,Named Eucalypts!

4 05 2008

its not fair,on my website the picture thing is all the way at the bottom and every time i scroll down the page,it goes down do you do it.plzzzzzz tell me in a comment on my website.i really need your help,fast.

4 05 2008

aw, i still need to get that one! texasgirl, u have ur 100,000th hit!!!! who hoo!!!!!!!!!

4 05 2008

I have that one! Do U buy ur own webkinz?

5 05 2008

Sometimes I do but most of the time my mom or dad buys them for me. Or I get them as gifts or something. I just recently ordered a persian cat online for $2.99!!!! at amazon!

9 05 2008

what did u get with her

14 05 2008

Please Visit Our Site!!!!!!!!!

Spo and Fad (founders)

1 12 2008


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