Earth Day

21 04 2008

Isn’t tomorrow Earth Day? Oh well, HAPPY EARLY EARTH DAY!!! I believe we should celebrate the Earth EVERY day but I guess once a year dedicated to saving and protecting our planet is great itself. So in honor of earth day I’ll give you a few facts that might make you change your mind about doing simple every day things:

1. In one year we generate enough hazardous waste to fill the New Orleans Superdome 1,500 times over

2. American swimming pools contain enough water to cover the city of San Francisco with a layer of water about 7 feet deep

3. Running a refrigerator and freezer for one year can produce as much pollution as driving a car from Chicago to Las Vegas

4. Every minute, 37,000 empty soft drink bottles are thrown away in the United States

5. Each mile a person travels in an airplane accounts for 1.08 pounds of greenhouse gases

Now here are some tips to help make the world a better, healthier place to live:

1. Plant a tree that will shade your house as well as reduce the need for a lot of air conditioning

2. Try taking showers instead of baths. An average bath uses 70 gallons of water while a shower uses only 10-25 gallons

3. Compost it. Allow grass clippings to stay on the lawn, instead of bagging them. The cut grass will decompose and return to the soil naturally.

4. Take reusable bags to the grocery store instead of using the bags they provide. Some grocery stores are actually giving you discounts on your purchase when you use your own reusable bags.

5. Make it a full load. Run your dishwasher only when it’s full; use the rinse-and-hold dishwasher feature until you’re ready to run a full load




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22 04 2008

I vistited your mini city

22 04 2008

Good post. I think the final lines should be this – Don’t just read, Do it.

Vanessa @ Online Guide to Airplane Pollution

22 04 2008


22 04 2008

What is your minicity about?

22 04 2008

and how do u get an icon(the one by your name)

22 04 2008


23 04 2008

this is the best!

23 04 2008

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23 04 2008

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23 04 2008


24 04 2008

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24 04 2008

alright well 1. a minicity is where u create a city and when people visit your city then you get more of a population in your city.

and 2. save a picture, upload it to wordpress and crop it. that’s not really specific so if u need more just tell me

25 04 2008

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