Some personal news

14 03 2008

Ok I don’t usually share personal stuff happening to me but I’m real excited about this.

Today was our school talent show! The tryouts were about 2-3 weeks ago and I made it! I’m doing singing and the teacher in charge of the talent show loves my voice! So anyway, I was pretty nervous but everyone said I did great! I sang the song Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. Not many people have heard of it but I like the song a lot. The teachers did a really funny act too where they were all dancing.

The talent show marks the end of the year until Spring Break so for the next week I’m on vacation mode!




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15 03 2008


15 03 2008


15 03 2008

Texasgirl your talent show is like mine! I sang in my talent show, (not the same song) and the teachers danced too!

15 03 2008

the teachers dancing is really funny. two of the 8th grade teachers came out on stage holding hands so that got everyone laughing. one was a science teacher (guy) and he asked the la teacher (girl) if she wanted to be his girl and it’s like right…

15 03 2008

pls make your website BIGGER!

15 03 2008

what do u mean bigger?

16 03 2008

i love that song!

17 03 2008

next talent show my band is performing

we rock out loud!

22 03 2008

Texas girl 11 can you add my website as one of your blog rolls?please!!!!

23 03 2008

I heart that song!

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