My Kinz Came!

12 03 2008

I ordered a (recently retired) yellow lab and a turtle. They both came reeeally quickly! So here they are: Carl and Jesse


and here’s Jesse. I named him after one of my real labs.


Also, a bit of personal news: Today my whole grade went on a fieldtrip to the ballet which was reeeeeeally boring but when we got back it was 2:00 and so we ate lunch in the gym (we hadn’t eaten yet) and then played around in the gym. I played basketball, so  today was fun. Hope yall had a great day




5 responses

13 03 2008

thats awesome.

13 03 2008

wow!!! Congrats, I love the turtule. I’ve been trying to get the Cheeky dog but it’s $999 on amazon

13 03 2008

Hey texas girl where do you order your webkinz form cause im going to order webkinz but only form a store that i know someone that i know uses!

13 03 2008

i order from they sell webkinz pretty cheap on there.

14 03 2008

thanks!Ill tell my dad to get me b day presents from there!

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