New Retired Pets!

8 03 2008

This is soooo sad! Especially since these pets are all new. The yellow lab hasn’t been out 6 months yet and it’s retired!

So retired now are:

Yellow Lab

Black Freisian

Lil Panda


Lil Leopard


But of course, retiring two lil kinz=two more new lil kinz. The lil pink poodle and lil black lab have been announced and also the bengal tiger, snake and brown dog have been added to the catalog





4 responses

8 03 2008

yeah, ganz has seriuos isuies

9 03 2008

yes sometimes they do. but i hear they’re coming out with a lil kinz yellow lab. also, i just ordered the big kinz yellow lab on amazon!

16 03 2008

I got the black lab the day before they annonced that.. I thought it was already made, it’s smaller than the lil kinz black bear, which is smaller than my 6 year old little brother! SMALL! I named mine Bell. I don’t know why… It just felt right…

16 03 2008

wait was it a lil kinz black lab?

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