After the game…

28 02 2008

After the baseball game we went to, we stopped by a pharmacy that sold webkinz and I got the last collie they had! I decided to name it Morgan.





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28 02 2008

omg your sooo lucky u have nooo clue how bad i want the collie and kangaroo there some of my TOP fav. wekbinz! also y do u adopt yours all at once? Like i adopted my turtle 2 months after i got it! Like i still have my schanuzer and himalayn to adopt! I’m just curios. cuz like i don’t do my all at once cuz 1 day when im bored I’ll have something to do and do there room. I’m just wondering.
please reply to this
i loveeeeee the collie your sooooooooo lucky u got it! and i want the kangaroo and the tiger snake sooooo bad!! did u know a lot of people havw the borwn dog, tiger snake, and bengal tiger up 4 sale IN HAND!! I’m tempted to buy one! In hand not pre-sale!

29 02 2008

i adopt them all at once just cuz. i mean why not? i’m pretty much always bored anyway and i have fun playing with the new pet after i adopt it. also i can be kinda impatient and i want to do things RIGHT NOW. so yeah, that’s pretty much why

29 02 2008

oh ok

2 03 2008

I have 8 webkinz now. I am still adopting. If you would be kind enought to add me to your friends list, my user is PokeyGirl13 (have to be capital)

9 03 2008

omg morgan is my name! 😆 i love the collies! they’re like so furry! lol

21 07 2008

plpzzzzzzzzzzzzzz if anybody has a webkinz account or pet code or traning card code plzzzzzzzzzzz send to me at!!!!!!!11

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