My Trip to the Mall (2nd time)

27 02 2008

Ok my trip to the mall and if you’ve been reading this blog you know this is the second time I’ve gone in two months. I NEED to go more often but you know, I guess I’ll survive. Anyway, today we had yet another half day so my mom took my sister and I out to lunch. We went to Sbarro’s (it was AWESOME) and then we went to Hallmark and Limited Too and Macy’s and yadda yadda. But anyway, at Hallmark I got a trading card album!!! Putting in the code it gave me series one virtual trading cards, series two virtual trading cards and series one and two trading card album pedestals!


Also at Hallmark I got a pack of series 2 trading cards (my first pack of that series so I’m real excited)

Putting in the code I got an extra pack of virtual trading cards (this wasn’t the code for the virtual trading cards) so that was sort of a ripoff but hey, I’m happy I got something from Series 2

Also, I got a Himalayan webkinz! I’m soooo excited. I decided to name it Sasha. But sadly, Sasha is friends with a testcolour. 😦


Also, because Sasha’s my 30th pet I got the new rose superbed with her.




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27 02 2008

i got a h. off ebay! I have 1 in real life, a 20 p. fat one nammed Latte it looks jus t like the webkinz 1 Im gonna name mine Latte! I named my 2nd webkinz a lil horse Sasha! its a pretty name! My reindder is friends with testcoulur5 its a horrible glitch! Oh well..I hope they fix it soon! Also i have a schanunzzer but u have nooo clue how bad i want a kangaroo its soooooooooooooo cute!!! Lol! anyways please got 2 my blog and leave some comments! Thanks

28 02 2008

ooooohhh….i love those prizes!!!! will you check out my blog please????

28 02 2008
1 03 2008

who is testcolour?

4 03 2008

wow you have alot of pets….I love the name you chose for your cat it fits her!!

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