May POTM!!!

24 02 2008

It’s really hard to get a POTM when you have it already and don’t want duplicets so I don’t like it when they pick POTM’s that I already have but oh well. Anyway the May POTM is the…






8 responses

24 02 2008

lil kinz panda

27 02 2008

actually it’s the regular panda

27 02 2008

thats 3 months away whys it such a big deal everyones freaking out about cuz its the May pet of the month and they have it

28 02 2008

a lot of people think it’s a big deal because they want to know which webkinz is coming up next so they can get it early

28 02 2008

yea. and its not freaking out….texasgirl is just informing us like everyone who has a blog posted about it!

2 03 2008
Webkinz Fan

Does anybody know the POTM for June???

31 03 2008

thats weird usually every month they swap out lil kinz and regular size webkinz. ex. januarary- lil kinz golden retriever, feburary-cow, march-lil kinz pig, april-pink poodle. its strange why to regular size webkinz would be back to back.

owner of 23 webkinz

2 04 2008

oh yeah i have 400 webkinz!!! i have all of them!! i orederd most of them on ebay!!! (yes the do still have there tags!!)

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