4 New Pets!!!!

24 02 2008

Ok check this out. These new awesome pets will probably be out around April. (I can’t wait!)

Here’s the Webkinz Chicken:


Webkinz American Cocker Spaniel (I love these want one sooooo bad)


Webkinz Lizard Leopard:


And the cutest of all- Lil Kinz Mouse!





7 responses

24 02 2008
random person in nj

I like the chicken. My dad says when it comes out he’ll give it to me as a confirmation present.

2 03 2008
Webkinz Fan

I LOVE THE MOUSE! I will getit as soon as it comes out! I recommended a mouse to Ganz in October, 2007, and now my wishes have come true!!

2 03 2008
Webkinz Fan

Hey! I looked up ‘Webkinz Mouse’ on Google Images but the only thing that showed up was the Webkinz Mouse PADS!

30 03 2008

In october 2007 I ask them to make a mouse they must of listened!!!!!

30 03 2008

well, i have a feeling a lot of people did. i did, too and i said a whimy pink dragon.

30 03 2008

well obviously a lot of people did or probably they just came up with them. it isn’t that hard to think of a dragon or a mouse

30 03 2008

too bad it isn’t a regular webkinz mouse. it’s a lil kinz. but it’s still cute 🙂

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