Debbie Rutter Scam—Do not fall for it!

29 01 2008

Debbie Rutter scam: Debbie Rutter aka who says she is the wife of the maker of webkinz world is a SCAM TO STEAL your stuff. Debbie Rutter is fake, do not contact her or give her any personal info, she will steal your stuff. Carrie Rutter is a scam too.

Go here for more on the scam:




9 responses

29 01 2008
29 01 2008

sorry there’s the link

29 01 2008

whens the contest ending? also can you goto ? thats the blog i am entering for the contest. but i updated it, so you it might change in the rankings of the blogs you put for the contest.

30 01 2008

“Debbie Rutter” is a total dummie!

14 02 2008

I hate the part about the scammers but I have a e-mail account on gmail! its for a tech club at is my e-mail: email me if u want to talk to me!

22 03 2008

i hate her! i gave her some info and she, that idiot almost scammed me, but fortunnately, i changed my pwd before she could. Ppl these days! Ugh!

22 03 2008


28 03 2008

oh no…. is she a hacker too? i sent her an email asking if she was really the wife of the webkinz maker……. i didnt give my name. But now she has my email address is that bad? somebody help me!!!! ~im scared~ lol

11 05 2008

that is really dum!!!
add me!! kittyore9, Kitty990, madmonkeyhk
p.s. vist my site!!!

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