Parka anyone?

27 01 2008

Does anyone have the parka that they would trade with me for a winter scene or sweater maybe?




8 responses

27 01 2008

I will trade! Can I have the winter scene? I will give you the parka!
My username is holidayhooligan.

27 01 2008

DO you know why Webkinz World is having problems today? I mean I tried to log in like five times and it said “Having problems with the servers at this time.” and then it logged me out. DO you know why they are doing this?

27 01 2008

Is anyone there?

27 01 2008

i have the every single item you can get at winter fest but sry i dont wanna trade it. sry texasgirl

27 01 2008

Can someone please trade me the googles ice sculpture. If you give me the google ice sculpture then tell me which other winter fest item you want. Also, texasgirl i can give ypu the parka if you give me the google ice sculpture. My username is Shadow2896

28 01 2008

can you please make a post about going to, thanks a billion!

28 01 2008
jessy (jezzgirl27)

2girltalk’s Weblog go there

28 01 2008

I have an extra that I will take for the tree. 🙂 jtl1995

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