New Pets announced!

10 01 2008

The Black Poodle, Tye-Dye Frog, Velvety Elephant and Grey Arabian have been announced! Also, the duck is in the catalog!






6 responses

10 01 2008
random person in nj

I only like the duck, the rest are kind of uncreative… no offense if you like them!! But I can’t wait for the kangaroo! Also, good luck to all on the scavenger hunt!

*<:O) -Clown!!!

11 01 2008

I LOVE the duck! I want the vlvit elaphant too! I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!! lol

12 01 2008

yeah i get it random person. i mean they already have 3 frogs and they’re making another one! there are plenty of good animals out there that haven’t been made in to webkinz why not choose one of them?

16 01 2008

Texasgirl, have u gotten ur mystery auciton from e-bay prize yet?????? if so, what did u get

16 01 2008

I have the velvety elephant!

18 01 2008
Wekbinz Secret Recipes

I think the black poodle is going to be a great stuffed animal.

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