Ok new rules

6 01 2008

1. Most important rule no rudeness (is that a word—oh well) but i’m not kidding. It hasn’t been much of a problem but i don’t want it to become one so seriously guys don’t be mean.

2. Don’t take things from my site without asking me first. When I go to other people’s sites and see that they stole something and take all the credit it’s just not right. So before you take a picture or anything please ask me.

That’s all for now but I might add more later. Just use common sense guys. If you’re rude to someone do u think they’ll like it? Do you think that’s right?

Also, I ask permission to use the images on my site so if u steal them without any permission whatsoever then that is breaking the official copyright law.

To see the properties of a picture and where it is located right click on the image and then go down to Properties. It will show a site and that’s the site that the picture is located. For instance on Lola’s site she took a pic from my site and on the properties it said texasgirl11.wordpress.com




4 responses

7 01 2008

could you add me to ur blogroll?

10 01 2008

and could you add my blog to your blogroll? it’s http://www.doggie812.wordpress.com

11 01 2008

Doggie Please add me ( Clare to your blog roll! I have a new website its Clareloveswebkinz.wordpress.com thanks!

17 01 2008

um, texasgirl, please add me to your blogroll! its http://www.doggie812.wordpress.com

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