New Webkinz Discovered and to retire

3 01 2008

Alright well Webkinz Insider just heard from Ganz that there are 5 new webkinz coming out-

6su314n.jpg -Schnauzer

bwcd.jpg-Black and White Cheeky Dog

himala.jpg-Himalayan Cat

kangaroo.jpg -Kangaroo

pwcat.jpg-Pink and White Cat

I personally like the Himalayan Cat the best but of course they’re all cute

Also they found out that the raccoon and lil monkey are gonna retire!




9 responses

3 01 2008
username crosenkranz

yup they said on webkinzinsider thaT. I really want the himlayn cuz i have 1 a 20 pound 1 named Latee hes soo cute! 🙂 and omg the black and white cheeky dog i really want even though i dont think its cuter than the retired 1 😦 i dont like the pink cat :p and i think the Shaunzzer is ok and the Kangro is cute! 8)

3 01 2008

i want the pink and white cat the most and i have the racoon yay me

3 01 2008

I wnt all of them!

3 01 2008
random person in nj

I only like the new cheeky and kangaroo. No offense but the schnauzer is a lot less cute than it was when someone first found it.

3 01 2008

Q: But why would they retie a webkinz raccoon that just came out in July 2007? go to today!

6 01 2008

wow there’s so cute …i want all of them

6 01 2008

i actually think i like the kangaroo better now…

8 01 2008

i have the raccoon too! yeah!

24 01 2008
New Webkinz

Cool, I like the kangaroo!

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