Random Picture…AGAIN!

31 12 2007

Ok some guy on webkinz insider wants pictures of all the webkinz plush pets so I dug out the cord that connects my new digital camera to the computer, took a picture and uploaded them. So here it is:


Ok yeah—it wouldn’t fit so just click on the link to see it. And while I’m showing you pics of stuff at my house here’s a picture of my christmas tree. It’s sorta ugly because my parents always use those old homemade ornaments but…


yeah that wouldn’t fit either so just click the link.




4 responses

1 01 2008

omg! you finally changed your picture at the top! I LOVE IT! it is so cool? where did you find the pic? i changed mine 2! go look! also Happy New Year and please post comments on my sight! šŸ˜€

1 01 2008

Happy New Year! Yeah I changed it I got the picture from webkinz Club. And look at the slideshow I made. It’s not even close to all that happened in 2007 but it’s a good example

1 01 2008

I know, your slide show is so cool and amazing! Everyone! Please take some time to go to my website/blog! It’s,
Whooaa! That’s a long one!

1 01 2008

Happy New Year texasgirl11! I love your site! It is awsome!

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