Still getting over the shock…

13 12 2007

My grandmother just surprised me with a…CHARCOAL CAT!!! I decided to name it Noel even though a lot of you liked Reno I stuck with Noel. And it’s so funny. The extra exclusive I got with her was a 1000 kc coin!!! (4 now)




6 responses

13 12 2007
random person in nj

That’s cool, my grandma doesn’t even know what webkinz are…

14 12 2007

i got the reindeer to day!!!!!!!!!
i named her keighly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 12 2007

what is a good name for a penguin???

14 12 2007

A good name for a penguin is Icey.

14 12 2007

I good name for the penguin is Icey!!!!!

15 12 2007

A good name for a penguin is Tapper or Wobbley. Texasgirl11, the charcoal cat is so cute!I like the choice you made for its name!!!!!!I already gave two of my friends a charcoal cat. One girl named hers Coal, I had wanted her to name that!!

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