FINALLY!!! My crown of wonder!!!

12 12 2007

I decided to give it to Chris (my black bear) because that was who I was playing with at the time so why not?





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12 12 2007
Webkinz Luver 4-Ever

Yay first post again!! LUCKY!!! I need two for gems (corona topaz and red ruby heart) to get my crown of wonder.

13 12 2007

the corona topaz is the one i needed and i finally found it! first try too!

13 12 2007

omg! i had my crown of wonder but i accidentally sold it!! I am SOO mad!! I am not lying!

13 12 2007
clare username Crosenkranz

sorry 4 u berryspecialx3 😦 i cant find the freakin webkinz diamond any were 😥

14 12 2007

the webkinz diamond is found only in the Buried Bones Mine

14 12 2007

will you add me 2 your blog roll????

15 12 2007

That si something we have in common texasgirl11! You got the crown of wonder and so do I! Texasgirl11, do you plan on getting a crown for each of your webkinz? That’d be a hard goal to reach! I think the crown of wonder looks great on black webkinz. I put the crown on my black cat, Fox!

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