6 12 2007

Hanukkah started last night…is anyone Jewish? What did u get? I’m half Jewish and we celebrate Hanukkah but I haven’t gotten my gifts yet because my grandmother always gets me the gifts and she has no clue where to get what I want or what size I am for clothing or anything so my birthday is in 9 days and she’s coming down from Pennsylvania for that so she can get me 8 extra presents then.




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6 12 2007

i an not jewish, im Greek.

6 12 2007

i’m cristin

7 12 2007

i am not jewish

8 12 2007

im jewish! i got a barbie girl, thr juke, a webkinz, an awesome wallet that i wanted really badly, a gumball machine, and well, i haven’t gotten the rest of my presents yet!
i still celebrate christmas though!

8 12 2007


8 12 2007

webkinz form!!! you like baribie dolls!!!!!!!!!!!! ha!

8 12 2007

that’s awesome webkinzforme. i haven’t gotten any of my gifts yet 😦

but there’s only 1 week till my b-day!

8 12 2007

Webkinzforme, whats with the Barbie Dolls?? How old are you?? If you are age 10+, I wouldn’t be telling people I still play with Barbie.

11 12 2007

perrsonally i dont l,ike barbie dolls, but dont judge people on that, it isnt like they are stupid, they are pretty much like webkinz without iternet, you play with them and pretend the are real and stuff, so if you say you are stupid because you dont like barbie dolls then you are stupid because you like webkinz!

12 12 2007
clare username Crosenkranz

Hi jewish and so far ive gotten the webkinz seal, clothes and the Wii!!! πŸ˜€ im raised jewish, Im having a Bat Mitzvah but my mom is christan so i celbrate christmas tooo! fro christmas im getting the lil penguin a 100$ limited too giftcard ( those are form my aunt) and 50$ for my grandpa happy hannukah God bless i have 17 webkinz and my newest are raccon, seal, reindeer, aribean horse, and lots more i just have to go.
Happy Hannukah ALL AND HAVE A merry christmas! πŸ™‚

12 12 2007
clare username Crosenkranz

also happy b-day texas girl
❀ Clare πŸ™‚

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