Arabin Horse PSI and other newz

12 10 2007

I know a lot of you want me to post more often and I just want to say I want myself to too. But my parents sometimes won’t let me on the computer and with school and homework and everything it’s getting harder. So I just want to apologize. Also, I’ll try to post as much as I can. Thanx

Also, here’s a picture of the Arabian Horse’s PSI- It’s called a Horse Show Victory Photo


I know it’s a little blurry sorry about that

Now for more news from Webkinz World!

Quizzy’s has a new section called Environment. These questions are about what’s better for the environment and other questions about earth like what is global warming or whatever

so yeah, that’s pretty cool. so far, the new webkinz clothing isn’t in stores in my city but the other day i saw the german shepherd, body spritz and lip gloss which is actually kind of cool because there hasn’t really been anything good lately in my city




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13 10 2007

Hi Texasgirl! I just was at the store today and they said they were supposed to be getting a shipment of Webkinz clothes this Monday night… so, we might start seeing the clothes this week!

On another note, come check out my post on Webkinzmom about the Alertz service – I would love for a few people to try it and see if it is working ok!


23 10 2007

Wow! I surely want an Arabian Horse. But I have to save my allowance for a reindeer. I really want it.


23 10 2007

LOL yoshi. Yeah I would save my allowance but my parents have been cutting me off since I owe them so much…

I have to wait till my birthday, Christmas and Hanukkah (I am half Jewish and half Christian) and it is all in one month! DECEMBER!!! So that means I’ll have to wait till those holidays to get another webkinz. But my sister and I might have a contest where the first one to clean our rooms wins a prize. My prize will probably be a webkinz which will really motivate me. šŸ™‚

23 10 2007

I’m only Christian so Christmas is my thing. It’s cool how you get to celebrate Hannukah AND Christmas and at the two you’d probably get twice as much webkinz than myself.

My sister would’nt approve probably but My mom would! šŸ™‚


24 10 2007

Hey Texas!

I went on webkinz today and… they released the Arabian Horse! Now you can adopt it and get the picture! They also released the Harbor Seal and the Yellow Lab!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 10 2007


25 10 2007

im a christan too.i go to a cathloic school also.anyways im polish so thats means when its easter i have to go bless some eggs and ham and bread and salt.its a thing that mostly all polish people do!we do it on easter but there is such a long line up!

25 10 2007

also i have 2 webkinz charms too.and i have 31 webkinz!im getting i new one because i was going to get hannah montana tickets for the air canda center best of both worlds concert but the cheap ones were sold out so thats why!

25 10 2007

soccer guy i have 2 charms so far and 15 webkinz and yeah, i think it is kinda cool to have 2 different religions to celebrate

2 11 2007
Horse Riding

Great post !

7 12 2007

my usernames are Chucky56 and Veper13 1 I have 1 charm the Plumpy one! I have 5 on Veper13 and12 on Chucky56! go to

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