What Some of the New Pets Come With…

23 09 2007

Here r some pictures of what some of the new pets coming out come with:


Charcoal Cat:

– Paw Print Fireplace



– Ossilily Plant

Yellow Lab

– Lap it up Pool

German Shepherd

– Puppy Patroler


– Far North Sleigh

That’s all so far…when I find more pictures I’ll post them




5 responses

23 09 2007


23 09 2007
23 09 2007

u know i wish u guys would stop doing that. By posting the site on YOUR site to get 10 free entries means posting the link on YOUR SITE ON THE BLOGROLL. It’s real annoying srry

23 09 2007

actually i was mistaken u can post it on other sites but u know i wish u guys wouldn’t do it AS much on my site…cuz every time u post one i get an email and it’s kind of annoying always deleting these emails that just have a link to a site that’s already on my blogroll on it


24 09 2007


srry bout posting the link and stuff, but i dont have my own website. 🙂

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