November Pet of the Month

18 09 2007

I just found on webkinz insider that the November pet of the month will be the black bear!!!

so now I’m not sure whether to save it or not. I think I might depending on when I get it.

I want to get the frog for October (of course) and definitely the clydesdale and I will probably get that with the dalmation.




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19 09 2007
Catherine Johnson

The new pet of the month always excites me with webkinz. I am obsessed with all of these new interactive sites. You should check out is TyGirlz. They don’t have a doll of the month, but I think that would be a really good idea. The TyGirlz dolls are so cute and life like, and they look even better online. Lots of cool games, me and my girls love playing them and going shopping, alot of fun, check out

19 09 2007


8 10 2007

im very mad that the black bear is november pet of the moth becuse I have it

8 10 2007

texasgirl111 what is going to be the next contest

8 10 2007

i don’t really know yet…i’ll tell u when i think of one though

19 08 2008

here are the following

september – bull frog
october – Cocoa Dragon
November – hippo
DEcember – Black bear

19 08 2008

actually the october is the pug

19 08 2008

and nobody knows the december one yet but the black bear has already been used so it’s not that

1 09 2008

what was the august pet of the month???

30 10 2008

hey guess what i t


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