Webkinz Bear

16 09 2007

I just ordered my webkinz bear on amazon yesterday so it should be arriving soon. I can’t wait. I’m not sure if I should save the code so i can get an exclusive bed for a different pet who doesn’t already come with a bed. I don’t know. But I know I decided to name it Chris.

I saw today a bear named Wrigley which I thought was cute. I’m guessing you have to be a baseball fan to get the joke. The baseball team in Chicago is the Chicago Cubs and their stadium is called Wrigley Field. So I thought that was cute.




7 responses

16 09 2007

What type of BEARRRR.?

16 09 2007

black bear

17 09 2007

okk. My little bro has a polar bear and a black bear.

18 09 2007

coolio what is his username?

that’s bao right?

19 09 2007

yupps. how do u know??? -.-

dragonslayer527 <—- HISS.

20 09 2007

cuz i thought that was your only bro right??? and he’s that annoying kid who kept on bothering us last year (srry but don’t u feel the same way?)

21 09 2007

duh!! i only have ONE.

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