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12 09 2007

The Body Spritz is listed in Webkinz Pets & Stuff and you can use the store locater from there but so far I can’t find it in an area near me.

Second…I found this list at but I’m not sure if it’s true:

These are supposedly the Pets of the Month to come.

October: Frog
November: Pig
December: Cow
January: Black Bear
February: Monkey
March: Black & White Cat
April: Tiger
May: Poodle
June: Golden Retriever
July: Cocker Spaniel

I also found this at but once again i can not say if it is true or not

Retiring: Coming Out:
Polar Bear Reindeer
Google Collie
Cheeky Monkey German Shepard

Oh and aren’t these adorable: (







19 responses

13 09 2007

So adorable..

13 09 2007

r u being sarcastic? it’s hard to tell with u…cuz if u are u r mean!!!

shame shame.

just kidding but still r u?

13 09 2007

im not being sarcastic

16 09 2007

shame shame YOUU.


16 09 2007

ok srry

anyway I am about to post a new contest

21 09 2007
Favorite Webkinz

well, *i* think they are adorable! 🙂

29 09 2007

Texasgirl11, what file are you saving the collie dog, reindeer, and charcoal cat like is it a gif? jpeg? please let me know on my site if you can.

Thanks so much,


24 11 2007
Webkinz Lover

Very cute animals,.

You can get Webkinz body spritz and lip gloss here

13 12 2007

Cute! I LOVE Webkinz!

20 12 2007

this is cool i love you animals

3 01 2008

I love webkinz just as much as any body… but I’ve got to have the raccoon webkinz! Does any one know where I can get one other than ebay?!?!?

7 01 2008

I love webkinz

8 01 2008
Dom's Girl

They are sooo cute!!! Hey, do u no the brand new webkinz coming out in february 2008?! Well there’s a duckling, a velvety elephant, and a Himalayan cat!! there eight others but i’ll let u find those yourself!! hee hee! Yay!!

26 01 2008

i love webkinz they are so cute and i love the tiger its my most favorite.

7 02 2008

Can i tell these in my weblog?
so people would know?

8 02 2008

yeah sure go ahead

10 03 2008

Please Please Please go on http// I really need some hits and I was wondering if you could advertise my blog on a post I would be so grateful and I understand if you cant but it would be great. -thanks -webkinzkid2

10 03 2008
20 12 2008

Texasgirl11 i’ve seen u in so many places and u seem 2 B a popular figure among webkinz blogs but what i really wanted 2 post is:

I GOT A NEW WEBKINZ!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 (happy Scream)

It’s a w-cares hippo. ps texasgirl11 want to trade sumtime email me. my email is on my website.

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