New Trading Card thingys!!!

8 09 2007

I’m soooo happy!!!

Ok so my dad and sister went out to get a Rubik’s Cube so I asked them to get me a pack of trading cards at the store. When they got back I opened the pack and found 2 codes!!! (I haven’t gotten more before though) and then today on our way home from breakfast we stopped at a store where I got another 2 packs of trading cards! One had 2 codes (again) and the other had 3! So here’s what I got from them

157 kinzcash

Berry Smoothie


(2) Webkinz Studio packs

Pool Trading Card Poster

Trading Card Bed

I think that’s pretty good for one day!




4 responses

9 09 2007

kewl. 😀

9 09 2007

yea kewl. lucky

10 09 2007

cool!! Congratz!!! hey can you add me to your blogroll?

Thanks Texasgirl11!!! Love your site!!!


9 12 2007


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