New Webkinz Clothing—check out Products Page

23 08 2007

On the products page I have just added pictures of the new clothing that can fit your webkinz and also comes with a code…I always put new pics on the bottom of the page by the way…





6 responses

16 11 2007
Webkinz Lover
9 01 2008

Thanks, but, I mean cloths in the w-shop now, wich would be a perfect outfit for you’re webkinz (in the w-shop)

3 03 2008

Hi!! I am Macie and I have 16 webkinz and love and take care of them all!!

3 03 2008

I think that they should put the pink polka dot hoodie in the w-shop!!

29 03 2008

I have over 26 webkinz comming right my way

22 06 2008

texasgirl11 i have a comment contest on the super page on my blog so will u please go there and leave comments! if u do i will send u a prize for coming! by the way i love ur website!

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