22 08 2007

Ok in this contest, u have to write a poem about (hmm, let me think of a subject) WEBKINZ!!! (genius huh???)

So anyway, it has to be at least 5 lines but other then that u can make it as long as u want. And the prize for the best poem is…

Rockin’ Pompadour Wig (u know the one that makes your pet look like Elvis)


The Treasure chest (it can hold 4 items)

and once again, I will say that I WILL have better prizes soon. Just right now, I’m saving up the good stuff for a big giveaway




15 responses

22 08 2007

Some webkinz are big, some are small
you buy some, inside a mall.
The arcade is my favorite place to play,
I got a high score, hip hip horay!
I hope to get some new Webkinz soon,
and play on webkinz until up goes the moon!

[[my username is softballchamp123]]

23 08 2007

my username on webkinz is ilovezac1212

23 08 2007

Webkinz O’ Webkinz where fort are thee (just kidding)
heres my real poem

I love Webkinz yes I do
I love Webkinz How bout you?
I love webkinz they are fun
I love Webkinz Awesome!
I love webkinz yes i do
I love webkinz almost as much as you!

23 08 2007

hey lexi, u have to write a poem

24 08 2007

did you like mine texasgirl11

24 08 2007

real genius Cordelia

26 08 2007

hey you’re not the smartest in the world either…

27 08 2007

i have a dog,
who barks alot,
she loves me,
and is very happy,
she dances,
and she prances,
skipping down the lane,
maybe someday she will meet a great dane,
where does she do happy things like this?
webkinz world is not the one to miss,
she does more,
like games, puzzles, that she adores,
so much to do,
how about you?
webkinz world is her life,
only, they don’t have bikes!

27 08 2007

yeah…i like them all…this is gonna be kinda hard…

30 08 2007

oh my username is labadoc!

31 08 2007

hey i have the black cat 2!!! thats so weird how ppl can get it early i got mine in june before it came out im getting the penguin early before it comes out so ill try to get some and sell them or not lets be friends my username is cherry112! and u are invited to my webkinz party which is my bday!!!!
its septemebr 4 at 3 to 5 plz come!

2 09 2007

has this contest ended yet?

2 09 2007

So, i didnt said i was the shmartestestest.est
😀 hee-hee

6 09 2007

love puppies are red,
the new webkinz penuin is blue,
some other webkinz, are coming out,too
all webkinz are cool,
and sometimes my webkinz like to swim in the pool

27 09 2007

Little webkinz everywhere,
If you look closley lil kinz are in your hair.
The webkinz word is spreading far,
Take a look they’re in your car.
Too much webkinz! Boo Hoo,
ill have to sell some to you.
Still to much webkinz,
My head is going to explode,
Mabie i should sell my amythist geoud!

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