What I’m saving for…

19 08 2007

Hey, today I got my first charms!!! I got a bracelet, the panda charm and the monkey charm…

But anyway, that’s not the point…

I’ve decided to save my money to buy a box of trading cards…it costs $62.75

I’m not much a money saver…I get enough for something cool and I spend all I have! But this time I’ve decided to not buy anything else until I buy this… here’s a pic


Hey by the way, did u guys know that u can win a free pet from the cards? That’s another reason why I’m buying these, to see if I get a pet…if I do though, I hope it’s not one I already have…




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19 08 2007

where do u get the pack of cards?
cuz if i wanna buy a box, then i have to pay around $72.
I get them at Trudy’s Hallmark at BayBrook Mall.


19 08 2007



20 08 2007

well i’m buying this one from amazon and number 2 yes i do but not as often. And when i do get on u r never on either

20 08 2007

so -.-

21 08 2007

I have a virtual pet from the cards. I have a golden retreiver that I named spike. It was so cool. I already had one webkinz. My sister wanted it, but I
kept it. It says if you do not have an account you can start one with the code on the card.

Some people say that they had a choice when the put in the code of a couple
of different kinz, but mine only said the retreiver.


22 08 2007

that’s cool

30 08 2007

texas 1 in 36 code cards is a animal

5 01 2008

Every box has one free virtual pet. There are four kinds. A free panda, golden retriever, frog, and monkey. Save up, and buy the trading card box. It’s really worth it. On ebay.com, you can bid on them. They end for a lot cheaper price. Around $50 or $60!

25 03 2008

THAT IS SOOOOO AWESOME but they probably dont have the boxes of webkinz trading cards where i live I WISH THEY DID I REALLY!!!!!!!! WANT IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD!!!

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