New Clothes in W-Shop!

10 08 2007

Hey check out some of the new clothes in the w-shop!!! (by the way I got this pic from





2 responses

11 08 2007

THose are cute boots =)

24 08 2007

check out my site there are give aways

Hello everyone we are giving away a speical prizes if you would like to enter email us your webkinz screen name and your first name and the name if the contest

contest one-webkinz bed
its a webkinz bed you cant buy in w shop but we cant tell you what one it is
the contest ends 9-22-07

contest 2-smiling snowman
its a snowman but its not the one thats in the w shop its a rare one
the contest ends 9-23-07

contest 3-base ball and glove
does your pet need something to play with if so this would work
the contest ends 9-24-07

contest 4- 20% off coupon
need a idem thats to much money get a coupon and make it cheaper
the contest ends 10-25-07


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